One More To Go

I heard October ended yesterday. Woke up this morning and realized today wasn’t October 32. November 1, the first day of the penultimate month is here.
About ten months ago, many persons made resolutions for the year 2014. In the euphoria of the New Year, many pledges were made—some, useful; others, plainly impracticable.
How many of the resolutions that were made, have been faithfully followed through? How many persons even remember the resolutions they made?
This year still has two useful months—important time resources to make a difference. If you’ve made good use of the past ten months, well done! You deserve a proverbial pat on the back for your consistency. If however, the elapsed time just flew by you, and you can’t account for that time, there’s no need for panic. Two months is enough to make a difference.
It’s time to draw up a resource management plan to fully utilize the remainder of the year. There’s one more month to go, and you can make this the best part of 2014 for you.
Happy New Month

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