Sunday Recap 9-11-2014

Last week, I posted a recap of the points I garnered during the Sunday service, with a pledge to do that every Sunday. I assumed it would be a pretty easy task—just return from Church and type. How wrong I was! Thanks to a loveless case of flu, I couldn’t write anything yesterday. Today is Monday, but who says Sunday recap can’t come on Monday morning?

Yesterday’s message was a continuation from last week—“Understanding the Wonders of Godliness”. The pastor reiterated his point that being godly doesn’t mean you can never sin. Being godly addresses your state of mind, you never dwell in sin. It’s one thing to commit a sin; it’s a different thing to live in sin, despite knowing that your actions are wrong.
Godliness is a continuous journey. God’s word says that a Christian is the “righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”. Righteousness is imputed at salvation, and the Christian is expected to keep living a righteous life. What matters isn’t how one starts, but how one daily presses forward. Many persons start with a high level of zeal, but along the way, complacency sets in, putting in place a conducive condition for a life of sin.
Being godly requires a real understanding of God’s principles as set out in the Bible. As Job and Joseph showed us, people of understanding do not go against God. They understood that staying with God gave them the upper hand, no matter the odds against that them. The better a person’s understanding, the stronger that person’s stand when faced with challenges. With understanding, one turns to God, instead of trusting in ungodly schemes.
Living a godly life requires that you engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Situations would always arise that would seek to force you into sin, but sticking to God’s word would ensure that you can always take a stand against sin. Remember that God has given you all that is needed to live a life of godliness, a life that pleases your loving father.

That’s it for the week. Have a blissful week.

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