Sunday Recap 23-11-2014

Last week there was no recap, as I managed to mismanage my time and so missed service. Thankfully, today I was in church. The service was simply awesome. The choir ministration and the sermon spoke to the heart.It was the kind of service that you step out from with an unshakable conviction of the move of God. Here’s my recap of the sermon.

The sermon continued on the “Godliness” series. This time, the focus was on sanctification. Sanctification simply refers to making something holy. God’s Word states that holiness is a requirement to see God. At salvation, a person’s spirit is regenerated. That person then has to work on “sanctifying the soul”—making the person’s mind, will and emotions subject to Godly principles.
Many individuals are saved, and leave Sodom (symbolically representing sin) but Sodom remains inside them; just like Lot’s wife. Sanctification is necessary to purge the soul of evil tendencies. Anyone with the goal of making heaven has to choose to be sanctified.
Freedom is a choice. The resurrection of Jesus Christ broke sin’s yoke of dominion over every person that would choose to accept his sacrifice. However, many Christians find themselves struggling with sin because their minds are still in bondage. They have not put the fact of their freedom into their consciousness.
Sanctification is a thing of the heart. The changes have to start from within, and then are displayed outside. Else, one becomes like the Pharisees, publicly showing extreme piety but having no substance inside. The motive behind an action is more important than the action itself.
Staying sanctified requires that a person’s will aligns with God’s will. Staying in tune with God keeps a Christian ahead of sin. Temptations would surely come, and when they do, a person has the choice of colliding with God by succumbing, or showing God’s glory by overcoming.
Walking with God in close communion is only possible by obedience to his instructions. Sanctification makes obedience possible. Obedience to God is costly, as it is oftentimes not convenient when compared with the alternative, but the obedient person is assured of the reward of a greater glory.

It’s a new week—the last week in November. I wish you the best of God this week. Let the world see his glory through you. If you do not have a working relationship with him, this week is a great time to start.
This week happens to contain two very important birthdays.

Have a great week.

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