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Celebration of Intolerance

This article’s caption may appear at first sight to be a misnomer. However, a deeper look shows its validity in today’s world. Intolerance is not just accepted by many individuals. It has gone beyond mere acceptance to the point where it is celebrated. Taking a cue from the TV show, “Orange is the new black”, intolerance is the new political virtue. Continue reading “Celebration of Intolerance”


The Third Leg is Broken

When two elephants fight, the grasses suffer. This statement could not have been truer in Rivers State. The judicial system in the state has been in a lockdown for some months now, all because of the combination of ego, selfishness, disregard and unrestrained clash of personal interests. Continue reading “The Third Leg is Broken”

Two Wrongs Make a Right

This article clones its title from the corrupted version of a popular idiom, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. The real idiom holds sway in an idealistic clime where proper logical consideration is emphasized before any action is undertaken. However, in Nigeria, it has been exhaustively proven that a right is the sum of two wrongs.

Continue reading “Two Wrongs Make a Right”