Two Wrongs Make a Right

This article clones its title from the corrupted version of a popular idiom, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. The real idiom holds sway in an idealistic clime where proper logical consideration is emphasized before any action is undertaken. However, in Nigeria, it has been exhaustively proven that a right is the sum of two wrongs.

It is a season of politicking. The political gladiators are at each other’s throats, each side making sinister schemes to cut their opponents’ jugulars. In the midst of this battle, the rules of engagement have changed. Forget about any pre-existing code or peace accord. The new rules state that, “All is fair in war”.

Rivers State with its enormous wealth is living up to its billing as a key battleground state. Just as it is at the national level, other political parties appear to have taken to the shadows, leaving the duo of PDP and APC in the spotlight.

The APC government led by Governor Amaechi struck first. After successfully using the state’s newly built Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium for two political rallies, one of which was the flagging-off rally of APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, the state government declined the request by their albatross, the PDP, to use the stadium. The reason proffered was quite simple.

The stadium’s construction was not complete. The contractor very conveniently went on recess during the period of APC’s rallies, and wisely decided to return to the site when PDP made their request. To the uninformed, the state government’s refusal was right. No political activities should be held within a construction site. HSE experts would have a field day pointing out several safety violations. However, the game players understood this particular chess move.

The APC could have easily approved the PDP’s request, and the PDP could have towed the path of peace, and used a different venue. However, being the antithesis of peaceniks, both parties decided a war had to be fought. A common saying in Rivers State is that, “All mess-ups must be corrected”.

The PDP-dominated federal government led by President Jonathan, frankly saw the Rivers State government’s refusal as an affront that had to be fixed. Amaechi had made Strike One. A second strike was needed to balance the equation. The PDP could easily point to Isaac Newton’s famous law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

With unfettered control over the security services, the PDP drafted officers wearing different colours of uniforms to immediately secure the stadium cum theatre of war. Security operatives encouraged people to cart away the construction materials maliciously placed by the state government. Finally, despite lots of talk by the APC state government, the PDP held its presidential rally at the disputed venue.

The ignoble dance by the PDP and APC in Rivers State, clearly demonstrated by their shared values of abuse of authority and disregard for the rule of law, has opened new annals in art and science. Thanks to the playmakers, it has now been established that, “Two wrongs make a right”, and “For every malicious action, there is a larger reaction in the same malicious direction”. Newton must be turning in his grave.

Which of the main parties has what it takes to checkmate the other’s king? February 14 and 28 will tell.


PS: I’m supposed to post something about the new month. Sadly, I couldn’t think of anything to write. Here’s my warmest regards for February.
Happy New Month
February’s gonna be a great month

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