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North Korea: Pandora’s Box Unleashed

North Korea: Pandora’s Box Unleashed

Shakespeare’s famous quote in Julius Caesar: “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”, comes to mind as I begin this article. This year has seen both missile and nuclear tests by North Korea, dangerously escalated by a vitriolic war of words between the North Korean dictator and the unloved president of the United States. As this exchange continues, much of the world stays divided on whether any of the key actors merits a tag of righteousness, and if so, who. From my perspective, it’s not about who’s right, partly right, somewhat wrong, or wrong, but the fact that the world is literally screwed.  Continue reading “North Korea: Pandora’s Box Unleashed”

Two Wrongs Make a Right

This article clones its title from the corrupted version of a popular idiom, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. The real idiom holds sway in an idealistic clime where proper logical consideration is emphasized before any action is undertaken. However, in Nigeria, it has been exhaustively proven that a right is the sum of two wrongs.

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