There Was a Subsidy

The Nigerian political sphere is characterized by intrigues and bizarre plots. In most of these political plots, the plight of the common Nigerian is hardly considered. It’s all about politics. One man removed petroleum subsidy, and fled back after intense opposition. Another claimed subsidy did not exist, yet paid huge sums as subsidy. Mr. Thomas … More There Was a Subsidy

It’s Time to Move Forward

The long-awaited Nigerian presidential election has come and resulted in a change in the ruling party. General Muhammadu Buhari would be sworn in as President Goodluck Jonathan’s replacement. While many Nigerians celebrate, we must not be under any illusion that this is the end. This is just the beginning of a long journey to reposition Nigeria—a journey that would require unity, the input of all Nigerians irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliation. … More It’s Time to Move Forward

The Wars before the Fight

Today’s article was inspired by a real life e-battle between learned colleagues of mine. These individuals spent six years together, peacefully attending lectures as students of the same department. Suddenly, battle lines have been drawn, and if not for the electronic nature of WhatsApp, some persons would have suffered unwarranted facial redesign.