Now That We Have a Budget

Never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerians witnessed the kind of drama that surrounded the 2016 budgeting process. The budget was in the news even before the first word was typed, and continued to stay in the limelight after its presentation, thanks to fluffy unsanitary pads and bickering by the presidency and the legislature. … More Now That We Have a Budget

Evil in the Towers

Developed countries attained their present status by making the best of their human resources, and training them to become productive members of their respective societies. In Nigeria, despite the hubbub about moving from third world to first world status, our human capital development strategy is abysmal. Why else would our ivory towers be bastions of … More Evil in the Towers

Much Ado about Cars

Someone once said that leadership involves leaders making sacrifices for the greater good of the organization, just as many parents deny themselves of certain rights and privileges in order to make a better life for their families. That someone obviously had no inkling of Nigerian leadership. In Nigeria, sacrifices are the exclusive preserve of the … More Much Ado about Cars

PVC Wahala

At last, I have collected my permanent voter’s card (PVC). So, by INEC’s rules, I should be able to cast my vote next year, choosing between two sides of a coin.