Leaders of Never

“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” “Youths are the future leaders.” Presumably, every person older than a toddler has heard these quotes or any of their numerous cousins. It is ingrained in the human consciousness that every generation will at some point be replaced by a younger one. However, for many youths, tomorrow remains elusive, … More Leaders of Never

10 Hours to Failure

“Uncle, I use (sic) to sleep from 7 o’clock to 5 o’clock”. As the young student uttered this statement, I looked aghast at her. Good sleep is important for proper development and good health, but sleeping for ten hours tells a lot about one’s priorities.

All Play and No Work

With the continuous poor performance of candidates in various external examinations, one does not need any powers of divination to recognize that there is a problem somewhere. While the cause appears multifaceted, it is clear that one of its faces is the proclivity of many students for fun and entertainment.

My 2014

Happy New Year! It’s 2015, fresh, a clean slate, never experienced before. Whether you entered the New Year in a religious mode, or at home sleeping, in a bar emptying bottles, in a park (or street) shooting or watching fireworks, or anything else, welcome to 2015.