Three Weddings and a Town

What do you do when three friends send you invitations to attend their wedding ceremonies holding on the same day? Decide on one to attend, right? What if the three ceremonies are holding in the same town? Would you still play favourites? What if one person was a leader at your undergraduate fellowship (marrying another former fellowship executive), one was your undergraduate classmate (marrying a “classmate” from civil engineering), and the other was a work colleague that served at the same organisation during your national service year? You now see my conundrum when three friends invited me to Ile-Ife, home of my undergraduate alma mater.  Continue reading “Three Weddings and a Town”

Automated "photoshop" at the EU's Parlamentarium Building in Brussels

B is for Brussels

They say it is smart to kill two birds with one stone. In obedience to this advice, the “walking around spirit” directed a trip from Berlin to Brussels; a trip made possible by the EU’s Schengen area policy. So off we went to the capital of Belgium, and effectively the capital of the European Union. I hold Angela Merkel and Berlin in high regard, but I must confess that “B is for Brussels”.  Continue reading “B is for Brussels”


A Compressed Tour of Merkel’s Berlin

A few days back, someone in my undergraduate class’ chat group posted something about the different types of students in any given class. One type described students who are “involved in everything”. Immediately this was posted, one classmate replied that I fell into this category. While, I would vehemently argue that I was not exactly a buzzing bee as an undergraduate, I would concede that I was involved in several activities, especially, ones that involved travelling. Now a postgraduate student, this “walking around spirit” has just taken me to see the German capital.

Continue reading “A Compressed Tour of Merkel’s Berlin”


Scottish Whisky and other Attractions

For some persons, the motivation to travel comes from Saint Augustine’s famous charge: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. For some others, me included, travelling goes beyond trying to read more pages of the world. Some persons would say I’m related to Nigeria’s famous tripper, “Ajala”. Well, that may be possible, but before a thesis begins on such a link, here’s a gentle recap of my last travel adventure. Continue reading “Scottish Whisky and other Attractions”


Welcome to The Netherlands

It’s the Christmas season, the time of the year with the most people on the move either heading back home to spend the holidays with friends and family, or just going to a different place to cool off from the winding year. While many would move by air, land or sea, some others find themselves travelling only in their minds, spending Christmas where they are, but wishing they were somewhere else. Being an international student, I resolved not to be in the latter group. This is the first of maybe a series on my European adventure, with the Netherlands as my portal.  Continue reading “Welcome to The Netherlands”


All Play and No Work

With the continuous poor performance of candidates in various external examinations, one does not need any powers of divination to recognize that there is a problem somewhere. While the cause appears multifaceted, it is clear that one of its faces is the proclivity of many students for fun and entertainment. Continue reading “All Play and No Work”