Automated "photoshop" at the EU's Parlamentarium Building in Brussels

B is for Brussels

They say it is smart to kill two birds with one stone. In obedience to this advice, the “walking around spirit” directed a trip from Berlin to Brussels; a trip made possible by the EU’s Schengen area policy. So off we went to the capital of Belgium, and effectively the capital of the European Union. I hold Angela Merkel and Berlin in high regard, but I must confess that “B is for Brussels”.  Continue reading “B is for Brussels”


A Compressed Tour of Merkel’s Berlin

A few days back, someone in my undergraduate class’ chat group posted something about the different types of students in any given class. One type described students who are “involved in everything”. Immediately this was posted, one classmate replied that I fell into this category. While, I would vehemently argue that I was not exactly a buzzing bee as an undergraduate, I would concede that I was involved in several activities, especially, ones that involved travelling. Now a postgraduate student, this “walking around spirit” has just taken me to see the German capital.

Continue reading “A Compressed Tour of Merkel’s Berlin”


Scottish Whisky and other Attractions

For some persons, the motivation to travel comes from Saint Augustine’s famous charge: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. For some others, me included, travelling goes beyond trying to read more pages of the world. Some persons would say I’m related to Nigeria’s famous tripper, “Ajala”. Well, that may be possible, but before a thesis begins on such a link, here’s a gentle recap of my last travel adventure. Continue reading “Scottish Whisky and other Attractions”

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Belgium for the Finale

When I decided to spend the Christmas holidays at the Netherlands, I did that knowing full well that I would have due assignments and an exam on my return. I’ve got an exam in three days, and the distinction grade that awaits me in that module would top up what has been an amazing holiday. After enjoying the awesomeness of the Dutch cities, we decided to stroll across the border into the famous city of Antwerp in Belgium. Continue reading “Belgium for the Finale”


Den Haag is for Art

On Christmas Day, I missed my way, and found myself in the city known around the world as “The Hague”, and fondly called “Den Haag” by the Dutch. That unplanned visit meant I had to revisit the city properly. So, after paying upfront for this revisit by reading a bit for my next week’s exam, I returned to Den Haag alongside the usual suspects. This time, we didn’t just go strolling aimlessly like we did in the previous cities. We went on what some Nigerians would call “point and kill”, visiting pre-planned locations, and it was all about the beauty of art. Continue reading “Den Haag is for Art”


A Day at Rotterdam

There is a tale in southwestern Nigeria of a certain Ajala who travelled from one place to another. Inspired by Ajala and wanting to be like a certain contemporary junketer, I continued my tour of the Netherlands. Christmas Day saw me at Rotterdam, covering more distance on foot than some persons would walk in a month. This is a tale of Christmas at Europe’s largest port city. Continue reading “A Day at Rotterdam”


Christmas Continues at Amsterdam

The previous post covered my journey to the Netherlands and my tour of Delft with Fabian the interesting storyteller. After Delft, the next port of call was Amsterdam, one of the most popular cities in the world, and a busy transport hub for many international flights. One of my hosts has nicely ordered me to write an article for each city I get to visit in this country. I do hope I can meet this demand. Here is Amsterdam from the eyes of an entranced stranger. Continue reading “Christmas Continues at Amsterdam”