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Saudi Aramco Made $48 Billion in Three Months, So What?

You see a link to the same article in different unrelated WhatsApp groups and start wondering what the fuss is all about. In one group, it is infographics used to encode the same message, then in another group, someone drops a link to the article and asks what can be done for the Nigerian version to deliver massive petrodollars like its Arab egbon. As views begin to pour in, you decide to find time to craft a fluffy treatise for what is clearly a big deal.

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For The Love of Greed

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed”.

The revered Mahatma Gandhi through this quote addressed one of the seven deadly sins shamed by the Bible. If God dislikes greed, then he should reserve a special sector in hell for Nigerians living on greed. In an essay, Ayo Sogunro asserted that “everything in Nigeria will kill you”. He is right! The greed in Nigeria, alone, is already killing multitudes. When swindled, anger is needless, as the con is nothing personal—just plain greed. Continue reading “For The Love of Greed”

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The 7th April Delusion

It is usually said that we are prone to making mistakes or saying the wrong things when we are pressured and feel our backs against hard concrete. When a boss forces one to alter an honest opinion, one can either decide to stand one’s ground, or succumb to the pressure. Whatever choice is made; one thing is clear—times of intense pressure are times when reputations are either made or marred. Continue reading “The 7th April Delusion”