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None of Two Evils

None of Two Evils

Let me begin with a quote attributed to Howard Dean: “I’m just disappointed that once again, we may have to settle for the lesser of two evils.” This quote was issued with respect to the 2004 US Elections. Applying this quote to Nigeria, especially in light of the fast-approaching general elections, a reader would be forgiven for quickly linking it to the presidential election. However, that is not my intention here. The presidential election, unlike some would argue, is not a choice between two evils.  Continue reading “None of Two Evils”


The Search for Hell’s Key

  1. “I will open the gates of Hell on those who oppose you”
  2. “God will open the gates of Hell on the enemies of the peace of Nigeria”

The two statements above have been credited to the same person. One statement is correct; the other came from Hell. Continue reading “The Search for Hell’s Key”