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Hidden Figures and Spectacular Lessons

“Every nation has hidden history, countless stories preserved only by those who experienced them.”

—Ruta Sepetys

I think this quote is appropriate for this article, which leans heavily on the historical. The quote went on to say we can achieve unity by learning from history. In a world where divisions seem to be growing, with more persons encapsulating themselves in camps that see others as unrelatable enemies, learning about some events in the past may spur us, if we are true to ourselves, to develop empathy, see things through others’ lenses, and build better relationships.  Continue reading “Hidden Figures and Spectacular Lessons”

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Redeeming a Battered Image

Growing up in Nigeria, one phrase continuously heard was “African time”. It appears the world had a meeting and assigned a special time-keeping system to Africans, with Nigerians as the guardians of this time standard. With such a reputation at odds with the famous timekeeping Swiss, stereotypical expectations assume that Nigerians would never be early at anything, even if their lives were to depend on being early. Unfortunately, while some Nigerians try to defeat this stereotype, some others go extra lengths to ensure Nigeria’s battered image remains unredeemed. Continue reading “Redeeming a Battered Image”

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Education meets Culture

Different cultures have diverse mindsets about education. Sometimes, these views are convergent; at other times, they are as divergent as parallel lines that can never meet no matter the reference direction. In Nigeria, the various approaches to education from the North to the South span diverse shades of the colour spectrum, from black at one extreme, to white at the other extreme. Continue reading “Education meets Culture”