To My Mom and Every Other Mother

Today, in Nigeria and in several other countries, Mothering Sunday 2015 is being marked. It’s a day when mothers appear in the limelight as stars in their respective churches.

I hear there’s also a Father’s Day, but it ain’t got no swag like Mothering Sunday.

Here’s a poem in honour of all mothers on Earth, with my own mom marching as the vanguard.  Continue reading “To My Mom and Every Other Mother”


Tribute to our Troops

Today is January 15, Nigeria’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day. It’s a day set aside to remember the men and women of our armed forces who have given their lives in the service of this nation. Today, we look at the conflicts, both within and outside our borders, where we have lost valiant men, valiant women, our brothers, our sisters, our officers. Continue reading “Tribute to our Troops”