To My Mom and Every Other Mother

Today, in Nigeria and in several other countries, Mothering Sunday 2015 is being marked. It’s a day when mothers appear in the limelight as stars in their respective churches.

I hear there’s also a Father’s Day, but it ain’t got no swag like Mothering Sunday.

Here’s a poem in honour of all mothers on Earth, with my own mom marching as the vanguard. 

Thank God for moms
Today is for mothers [Image Source:
270 days, 36 weeks

3 trimesters, 9 months

That’s how long two appear as one

One carrying, the other resting

This strenuous period

Takes most women

From womanhood to motherhood

An amazing transformation

For some other women

Parturition isn’t the way

Nevertheless, by their actions

They too are mothers, mothers of many

For every Mother Theresa

There are countless others

Unseen, unheard, unrecognized

Calmly influencing the Earth’s present and future

They are the backbone of every home

The spine that gives stability

Though the head be as big as the Pacific

Without them, the home can go nowhere

They care, they nurture

They advise, they correct

They love, they cherish

They are their children’s heroes

Nightmares cease at their touch

Their cuddles inspire assurance

Great motivators, great coaches

The definition of “Great”

In sickness and in health

Their kids are loved and cherished

For richer, for poorer

Their kids’ needs are met

Willingly they would work themselves

Till death part them from their children

Love so amazing, so gentle

They live the word “sacrifice”

Thanks mom for everything

For every nice word

For every meal I’ve ever eaten

For teaching me that good is better

A million words would fail me

“Thanks”, a word so simple, so unassuming

Makes plain the state of my heart

A heart filled with gratitude

Our mama dem

Na every day we go dey make una proud

Happy Mothering Sunday

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