Effort Sans Celebration

“The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armour. He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time”

— Frank Miller

This morning I woke up seeing the day like any other day. On my way to church, I felt the morning was a bit chilly, so I checked the weather on my phone. Surprisingly, a weather report declared today as “Fathers’ Day”. Seriously? It seems unlike its vastly less popular sister, Fathers’ Day manages to creep on us unnoticed.  Continue reading “Effort Sans Celebration”

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Thankful, Now and Always

International Women’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Mothers’ Sunday, Mothers’ Day…different names, some with different dates, yet having the same central theme. There may be a myriad of days devoted in different countries around the world to celebrate women, especially mothers, but no matter how many days we set aside, they would never be enough to say thanks. Continue reading “Thankful, Now and Always”


Male Heroines and Fathers’ Day

There are enough events celebrated each year to get someone’s head spinning, with everyday looking like it’s been adopted by one global event or the other. If it’s not “Malaria Day”, it would be “Asthma Day”, or “Environment Day”, or even one’s birthday. Many persons being conformists, simply fall in line, and commit discussions on a given day to that day’s official patron. Non-conformists don’t care about what day it is, while anti-conformists are not content with simply not following “official rules”; they go as far as arguing on better causes to be celebrated on a given day. It is because of these ones that we are talking about male heroines on Fathers’ Day. Continue reading “Male Heroines and Fathers’ Day”


To My Mom and Every Other Mother

Today, in Nigeria and in several other countries, Mothering Sunday 2015 is being marked. It’s a day when mothers appear in the limelight as stars in their respective churches.

I hear there’s also a Father’s Day, but it ain’t got no swag like Mothering Sunday.

Here’s a poem in honour of all mothers on Earth, with my own mom marching as the vanguard.  Continue reading “To My Mom and Every Other Mother”