Fadan Karshi and Friendly Fulanis

When a mosquito falls in love with you, you reciprocate the love by doing your best to kill it. While this approach works sometimes, some other times, trying to kill it only results in near-misses and self-inflicted slaps. Imagine that mosquito becoming genetically modified to have an armoured exoskeleton, and showing its love by biting and chewing (not piercing!). You now have an exaggerated view of the violent relationship between Fadan Karshi and the notorious Fulani herdsmen, a marriage made in hell. Continue reading “Fadan Karshi and Friendly Fulanis”


The Fulani Question: A Tale of the “Left Behinds”

If anyone ventured here to read the rantings of a “tribalist”, I am happy to disappoint such a person. It behoves me first, to state clearly that I do not believe in the superiority of one tribe over another, nor do I ascribe to the fallacy that a tribe can be so inherently evil that no good person can be found in it. Nevertheless, for some time now, the Fulanis have made the news headlines their virtual home, effectively becoming inglorious pains in the longsuffering asses of other Nigerians. Continue reading “The Fulani Question: A Tale of the “Left Behinds””