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A Litany of Bad Choices

If you had to choose between eating your cake and having it, what would you choose, and how would you make this choice? Would your choice be logical, emotional, a blend of the two, or a clean random pick? Whichever you choose, you would be aware that every choice has a consequence one way or the other. However, looking at the national development angle in Nigeria, it looks like we make weird choices and later wonder why things took a wrong turn. Whereas there are several factors behind our woes in Nigeria, one common denominator for our dysfunctional state is a litany of imprudent choices.

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NDA: Double Wahala for Dead Body

When afrobeat legend Fela used the phrase “double wahala for dead body”, he must have thought of suffering that continues after death. That is akin to the Game of Thrones’ Wights who are dead people facing the prospect of another death. We can also think of buried bodies that are dug up and body parts stolen for creepy purposes. That’s truly double wahala—rest eluding the dead. Continue reading “NDA: Double Wahala for Dead Body”