Kemi Olunloyo and the Burden of Responsibility

Before you go further in reading this article, let me clearly state that there’s a chance the title would turn out to be inappropriate. Maybe if this were an English exam, after reading the passage and suggesting this title, I would be entitled to a crude ‘X’. That being said, this article touches on the controversy around Kemi Olunloyo, who until recently was known only by internet-savvy Nigerians. I may not write what you’re expecting, so please suspend any existing assumptions and read on. Continue reading “Kemi Olunloyo and the Burden of Responsibility”


Ecclesiastical Foolishness

Confucius is credited with saying that “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” The message in there encodes wisdom that is ever important. In trying to carry out revenge, or right a perceived wrong, we sometimes harm ourselves in the process. Before thinking of copying an action as a form of revenge or equilibrant, we should spare some thoughts whether our intended action is a manifestation of foolishness. It becomes double tragedy when we bring God into the fray, and exhibit foolishness in the name of the Lord. Continue reading “Ecclesiastical Foolishness”

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Adeboye and the Fire Breathers

This is arguably the hottest topic in Nigeria right now. The only story that may compete with this, is the discovery that America is actually the “United States of Nigeria”. Although we would later get around to this discovery, for now, let’s leave Hillary Trump’s land, and focus on the meeting between Pastor Adeboye and the keypads of a Nigerian generation. 

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Easter Reflections

It’s another Easter Day, a day primarily recognized by Christians, but like Christmas, now kind of widespread. For some, Easter is synonymous with eggs and the Easter Bunny (quite a link!) For some others, it is a celebration of the cornerstone of Christianity. On this Easter Day, I want to talk about something not necessarily linked to Easter, but affecting a good number of professed Christians. Continue reading “Easter Reflections”


The Marriage Question

This article was adapted from a post I made in a WhatsApp group chat. The issue of marriage formed the cause of disagreement. The combatants could not agree on whether marriage is merely physical (Side 1) or both physical and spiritual (Side 2). After observing the discussion for a while, I decided to contribute to the discussion. This is my viewpoint.

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