Unveiling the Jilomes Brand

When I created “Jilomes” as my nickname sometime around 2004, I included the tagline “Live to Excel”, unaware that this fell under the purview of creating a personal brand. Without throwing off the humility cloak, I am confident that people who have had interactions with me would attest to my commitment to excellence. Unconsciously, I nurtured a personal brand around delivering excellence in many aspects of my life, and now, I take another step by unveiling a logo that captures how I see myself.

I would confess that creating this logo was more of a vanity project. I have seen some prominent persons who have developed a personal brand, and I felt like doing something in similar fashion. Before I begin to feel too bad for playing around with my notebook and CorelDraw, let me introduce you to the elements behind the logo.

The three key elements include:

  1. A lion’s mane representing strength and excellence as the “king of the jungle” committed to developing solid leadership credentials
  2. An eagle’s face representing excellence and a capacity to soar above challenges to deliver the incredible
  3. Three stars buttressing the other elements in highlighting a commitment to excellence

When I look at this image, I hope it would always remind me to reach for the stars and never settle for mediocrity. I understand that in certain environments, a commitment to excellence may trigger unhelpful pushback, however, I hope to develop the emotional intelligence to move around challenges, and where EQ cannot help, the wisdom to not give a hoot, but rather continue striving for excellence.  

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