So Quick a Year

On October 1, 2014, as Nigeria celebrated 54 years of independence, I published my first post on this blog. Today, a year later, I look back at a year in which my notebook became my friend.

“To blog or not to blog?” For months, I pondered on this question. Running an organizational blog as chief editor had introduced me to the world of blogging. However, my fear had been that a blog could cause future problems for me. “What if I write something that is considered offensive to some?” In addition, my generation has been repeatedly accused of narcissism, a charge that I sanctimoniously wanted to avoid.

After months of personal deliberations, I decided to set up shop. The fear of future problems was exorcised by decided to write based on personal convictions—philosophies that have an almost guaranteed chance of following me into the future. As for the narcissism part, a personal editorial policy was drawn up to ensure that I could tell the world as I see it, without appearing to fawn.

In twelve months, I’ve written almost a hundred articles on issues as diverse as the colour spectrum. After six months, I bought this domain, putting my money in the same place with my mouth. From a 3G-covered environment where I used a PC to manage the blog, I’m now in a 2G-only locale where my WordPress mobile app is my managing partner. I’ve filled notebooks with writings, typed on my PC, and composed articles with my phone’s keyboard. I’ve learnt to write under different conditions. Some persons wonder if I really studied mechanical engineering. The As and Bs on my transcripts clear their doubt.

If blogging has done anything for me, it has helped me to arrange my thoughts. Posting online means, I have to do some research to confirm certain bits. In the rural community where my government has deployed me for national service, blogging gives my brain something creative to do—providing a diversionary incentive. After teaching Maths or Physics, or Further Maths, I can sit and use a part of my brain that has no formulas.

Some persons blog for income, for others, it’s for fun. Being in the latter category, I don’t have to bother about blog views, or adverts. I don’t have to post about gossips, nor copy views-generating posts from other blogs. I can just be me—describing the world as I see it.

It’s been a great year. I’ve learnt a lot; I’ve had writer’s block; my fingers have sometimes refused to stop moving my pen over ruled pages; I’ve written with the aid of a tiny torchlight. In all, I’ve had an enlightening experience. Thanks WordPress.

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