“No Bra Day” – Seriously?

Whew! So this Monday was “No Bra Day”? Despite daily monitoring of global events, I didn’t get to know of this day till the day after. Maybe it’s because it didn’t get to the front pages of the CNN or BBC website (mobile).
Immediately I saw a colleague’s chat picture showing “Oct 13 No Bra Day”, I hurriedly consulted my friends, the ever faithful Google servers, to confirm the information. Then I spent the next two-plus hours checking different websites and forums, to gauge how widespread the day’s events were.
Seriously, is declaring a “No Bra Day”, the best way to push up societal support for the fight against breast cancer? I don’t think so. I may be wrong, but I don’t think the “average” individual’s support for the fight would have increased just because ladies went around with nipples sticking out of their shirts.
For the records, I’m not against “women liberation”, but some of the trends being propagated are ridiculous. I’ve observed the #freetheboob and #freethenipple campaign online, and sincerely, to me, it sucks. There’s no conclusive research on the link between breast cancer and bras. Telling me that because a guy can come out without a shirt, the lady next door must be able to do the same thing, is illogical—the genders are definitely not the same, no matter how we try to tweak that fact. A lady can wear a “spaghetti” top in public but a guy who attempts to wear anything similar to a singlet, is seen as being on the fringes of insanity.
We say that the bodies of women should not be objectified, but our actions appear to be saying something else. So the “average” guy on the street is supposed to keep his eyes off the nipples pointing at him? It’s like keeping the doors of your house open, and expecting thieves not to steal because you feel stealing is bad; forgetting that the thief doesn’t share the same belief with you.
I believe there are better ways to increase societal awareness about breast cancer, without using controversial means. Where are TV, radio and internet advertisements, roadside advertisements, seminars, inclusion in educational curricula etc.?
Ladies are not sex objects. Let’s try our best not to make them look like that. Some people would not like what I’ve said here. I’m not a misogynist; this is my sincere opinion, and I stand by it.
Shout out to all the women (and men) out there, courageously battling breast cancer, and the doctors and medical researchers joining their families to help them in the fight.

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