Jonah – A Disjointed Summary

My name is Jonah Ibiamagabara, a Nigerian from the Okrika tribe in the coastal plains. I am an alumnus of three prestigious schools: Federal Government College Port Harcourt, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and Cranfield University. During my undergraduate studies, I was somewhat a jack-of-all-trades, developing skills in many areas besides my core academic responsibilities. Earlier in my life, I was a registered bookworm, then I repented and worked more on the people management side. Now, I think I am pretty good at relating with people. I have been honoured with a string of awards including: “Most Talented Student”, “Most Influential Male”, “FYB of the Year”, “Most Supportive Member” and other laurels that are not my motivation but merely show that maybe people see something good in me.

I was on the hot seat of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Nigerian Version) in 2013 and walked away with a paltry sum. I’ve been reading newspapers and magazines since I was 8 years old and now spend time each day catching up with global and local news. I am a Christian; proud to be one, and happy at the changes God has, and is still doing in my life. Lastly, I am blessed to be married to a really sweet, smart and beautiful lady, and work with her everyday to maintain and build upon the love we share. 

Jonah – The Friend

Friends say they see me as a smart and funny teammate. I try to be jocular, sometimes a little too much, but it’s just me trying to be friendly and ensure a tranquil environment. I am passionate about helping the society as I recognise that whatever privilege I have enjoyed or will enjoy, provides an opportunity for me to be a blessing to others who have not enjoyed such privilege. I abide by four principles—excellence, learning, teamwork, and gratitude.

Jonah – The Professional

I have my background in engineering, which has helped me approach issues with an analytic mind focused on creating innovative solutions. Engagement in different activities across a diverse range of organisations has nurtured a skillset that cuts across technical and managerial areas. I bring enthusiasm and commitment to work engagements, with a knowledge-driven approach that is fuelled by my depth and breadth of insight on topical issues across engineering, healthcare, project management and economics. I have developed core leadership skills bolstered by a commitment to time management and proper planning, which I view as essential for success.

Colleagues have commended me as a “born problem solver” who sees a problem and goes all the way to get it fixed, hence, the nickname, “Mr Fix It”. I recognise my limitations, set goals, and remain in an iterative development loop, continually seeking to become a better version of myself. Check out my work experience on LinkedIn.